Rekey Locks

Choose us when you want a pro to rekey locks in Kanata, Ontario. We will send a certified lock and key expert to your location fast. You will receive quality lock rekey service from a trained and experienced locksmith. The service will be fast and efficient. The cost will be very reasonable as well. At Locksmith Kanata, we work hard to ensure you enjoy a good service experience. Make the right choice and give our company a call today. Your locks are our business.

It is cheaper to rekey locks in Kanata

Rekey Locks KanataWhy would you rekey a lock instead of replacing it? For one reason, it is cheaper to rekey locks in Kanata, ON. Also, why would you replace a perfectly good lock? A quality lock is worth saving. Consider the reason you need lock service in the first place. Did an employee leave your business without returning the key? Did a roommate move out and not return the key? Did you lose the keys and fear they could fall into the wrong hands? These are all great reasons to get rekey service. We’ll send a pro to rekey your locks. They will adjust the tumblers to use a new set of keys. It is that simple. Contact our team today.

Consider using a master key system

Have you ever considered using a master key system? Do you want to improve the security in your business by using access control measures? This system is the answer. We’ll send a pro to rekey your locks. You will have one key that can open all the locks. However, that key can be programmed to open certain doors. Perhaps, the office employees don’t need access to the warehouse. You will control who has access to what. That’s a big deal. You can go small and have one master key that fits all the doors for your convenience. You can go large and create tiers of access control. You can count on your Kanata locksmith to ensure you get the system you need.

Fast key replacement service

Call us when you need key replacement service fast. Don’t stress because you lost your keys. Let us send an expert to help. You will be amazed at what a key change pro can do. Contact us about all your lock and key needs. A Kanata rekey locks specialist will be sent to assist you.